silent share 124

yesterday’s gone,
today’s the first day.

like a seed dancing far away
with the first autumn breeze

who knows the morrow
one day beyond for ever
now is eternal

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attention deficiency

feeling like having adhd these last months
like running from one fire to the next
not knowing where to start …

difficult to concentrate:
too many sources of
interference and distraction

why make an effort
when 3 hours of concentration is needed
with this timespan unavailable

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zone silence 123

When I am in the zone
or call it flow if you want
there is no observer
there is no mental awareness of doing

there is the highest concentration
the deepest silence in action

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roller coaster 122

like a bullet train
they arrive
out of nowhere
although, an origin, they have

“take the ride, it’s easy, it’s free”
it shouts
but it takes
all of your here and now
when you do respond

one can decline
and discern
that it’s just an emotion
and realize
that this ride
leads to nowhere

“i don’t want to go there,
i prefer to watch”
next notify the conductor:
“Another time,
I’ve been there already, …”

– : – : –

only when
my head is silent enough
to see through the jungle
of ballooning words and opinions

only then
that train
just leaves this station,
as fast
as it entered,

without me

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silent share 121

silence is

taking a ride

in noisy surroundings
on a train,
a bus
in a plane

within less busy spaces:
by your legs
or on a bike

mind feels freedom
to do what it wants,
next it fades
to what it sees,

without judging
without tagging
just without

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silent clues … 120

– earlier –
a spiritual awakening,
clues of a mission,
a purpose,

– years later –
clues for the opposite
of all those things.

– these days –
 .  .  . when observing clues:
the silence
 .  . contained
 .  . . a gently
 .  . . . river

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