night of the rose

when the last rose sheds ‘her’ petals
winter is surely coming
infinite cycle of time

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still life: mind silence kills all the ghosts

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surreal recall of the past

Memories well up when visiting a friend in his parent’s house.
Soon he will sell the place … I wanted to see the dryer as we needed another one.

I didn’t come here in 25 years, and in all those years, it hadn’t changed at all: the Black and White pictures of the family still on the wall of the familiar living room, a stove, a kitchen table …
A place where we took our first steps in computing and HAM radio, …
A Magnificent garden with perfect beech trees …

Mind had forgotten about all this, but all registers of memory open during this short visit.
Emotions well up …

We flew out of our nests, all those years ago, and visited each other in many places we made our own in those 25 years between then and now.

Half a life …
And before that half, a first half …
After today, perhaps another 25 years, … or perhaps not …


… I came home with an old vacuum cleaner, a triangle (musical instrument) … and with rekindled memories, soon going to sleep again, perhaps for ever …

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in my head:
love versus fear;
only inside the experiencing self,
which I call I

is there really a duality?
is there a spectrum encompassing both?
is there really nothing at all, and is my experience an empty dream?

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silent share 146

T. and I talked a lot, when we had a similar mindset.
10 years passed, feeding the selves in many directions
today when we meet, we don’t talk anymore
we just enjoy each other’s company,
any-scapes and silences,
a coffee, some tea
or cacao.

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silent share 145

in order for ‘non-duality’ to encompass reality
it needs to be discrete as well as non-dual

the above is nothing more than just a bunch of words (JABOW)

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