senses, similarities … and déjà vu

coincidences are
not coincidental,
the beauty of numbers,
the quarter of a century:
it is that long ago,
exactly that long ago

june is june,
the street is,
the same street,
i’ve forgotten
the housenumber
but i didnt forget
you sitting
on the windowsill
at groundfloor
that beautiful
in june

a big dilemma,
and the knot was cut
in the direction
of the needy
and the innocent

we can choose a direction
and we will never know
what if …
… we had chosen the other

love then
love now,
why in that
same street?

so much different now
still so many

the senses are sharp
when this flashback
a deja vu
no deja vu

i burned all traces
but i still smell that street
i still remember your scent
i still remember loetschental
and amsterdamned
and our tears
an ending without grace
not a good-bye
we couldn’t
the knot


10 thoughts on “senses, similarities … and déjà vu

  1. To be loved, to have loved, is something I feel is better than to not have loved at all. You have beautifully captured a memory that will always hold a place in your heart. Thank you for this 💕🕊💕

    • thank you for your kind words. i was just thinking of anchors in time. in order of importace, starting with the least, where did i work or go to school, where did i live then, whom did i love …

    • It is so long ago. And most memories of that relationship are wonderful. There was no time for the sad experiences, yet. She pulled me out of a deep depression, but i was also a married near father. I’m happy with my choice, then. But there are the what-ifs. Now 25 years later that street reappears out of nowhere, and i’m flooded with happy memories, … and the questions of how would life be now, if i had taken the other road …

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