crisis in existence

In an existential crisis,
the prejudices you had,
the filters through which you see life,
are temporarily gone.

The view is fantastic
and extremely frightening
at the same moment.

You have to admit that all your prejudices
and all the other BS you thought was true
are false.

So you feel bad about your own stupidity
in a way,
and you feel bad because your dreams,
all your dreams are gone.

Then, this doesn’t last,
since mind will soon enough
rebuild a new house for itself
of new adjusted believes,
be it usually a smaller building than before.

Just for the period while your crisis lasts,
try to enjoy the unfiltered view,
sad and happy at the same time.
Be aware that
only your self
that you thought you were
is hurt,
and not the real person
you really are.

Time to discover who you really are,
after this disaster.
That really is an adventure worth living for.


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2020 – @asse – mollem – samsung gal a5 — x_20200121_122524


9 thoughts on “crisis in existence

  1. I’ve been going through this ‘adventure’ of finding myself over the past several months. It’s quite eye-opening 🙂

    • It is … it can last quite some time … and there can be several crises after one another. Since about 18 months thjngs are stable within what remains from me.

      • I can understand this, and am happy that you found that stability within you. I’ve been through a couple of crises already, and am pretty sure that they aren’t over with yet.

  2. Glad you wrote “Time to discover who you really are, after this disaster”! So easy to get sidetracked and believe the story. When the universe reminds us that it was only a short story, we get closer to the truth. Back to center! — Elizabeth

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