26th monologue …

People on this train have gradually changed into shadows.
Their smiles from summer, perhaps going on holidays,
Made space for indifference, sleepiness, grumpiness.
The effect of work on their mood,
The effect of bosses or bullying colleagues,
The effect of the never ending ‘the same’.

The effect of ‘it has always been this way’
The effect of undergoing
Not noticing,
never noticing, that they are part of that perspective
More, they are nothing but this perspective,
But neither can they notice this,
Lesser change it,
Never break away

Flashes of sunlight
Breaking through obstacles
Houses buildings bush and sign boards
While the train races past
Flashes of orange
Reaching my retina
Through my closed eyes
A sunrise
Every day

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert)  september 2019 – @home – nikon D3300 – x_20190904_0741219.jpg


5 thoughts on “26th monologue …

  1. ERG  ERG  EN  ONEINDIG MOOI ENSEMBLE, met hier en daar uitstekende onderwerpen ( + insecten ). Met al mijn bewondering, Pierre.

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