25th monologue …

(dedicated to my muse … a very dear friend, promenading the beaches of the Red Sea)

There are some 4-letter words that i’ve been afraid of using over the years. I’ve often had the impression that they destroy much and have only short term benefit.

They express our deepest desires and our deepest fears. They also indicate the nature of mind, the nature of impermanence, the emptiness of life, and our attachment to it.

It is not the using of those words that is dangerous.

It is the fact that we are afraid of losing what we miss or love. We surrender to it, as there is no other way, and as such we are losing part of our ‘self’. We want to BE or at least FEEL complete, since we can never BE.

The fear of being vulnerable, is expressed in the first sentence. Without these walls, i can be obliterated in an instant. When did i write that before?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert)  august 2019 – @home – nikon D3300 – x_dsc_0309.jpg


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