23th monologue …

the immediate side of the internet makes it shallow, just being there and staying to keep the conversations going. not thinking deeply about the other’s words, and how to answer the sometimes profound questions.

First thoughts written down in an instant. Barely eraseable. Making us sometimes feel like idiots. Getting flamed for it. Sometimes blunt replies from them or bluntly replying to others …

being ghosted by people for reasons we’ll never know, leaving us in the abandonned zone …

always new people, seldom a longterm friend … always blah blah …

how did this happen … in the very beginnings of facebook, ten years or more ago, !!even on facebook!! , you’d meet friendly strangers with wonderful ideas …
then they made restrictions, on everything, art, cartoons, free speech, who you could befriend … and now apparently (i left facebook 10 years ago) people with opinions alike stick together without any cross pollination.
Cellular self amplifying idiocy. Us and the others. Always at the root of war  and suppression …

[wordpress blogging fortunately is a little bit different — still happy to see friends from 5 years, even 10 years ago — slower paced; ?relic or safe-haven?]

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert)  july 2019 – @home – nikon D3500 – x_ds5_0225.jpg


16 thoughts on “23th monologue …

    • thank you, Autumn Jade … always great to see you. Got a little snowed under last and this week. But perhaps that’s a good sign. yes, blogging seems to persist, regardless of the faster ways of communication. Some go back to handwritten letters … but I think i would first need to get pensioned to have time to do that … 🙂

  1. Reality is that the majority of people are blah blah blah. I don’t want to appear snotty but it is like that. Being “different” from the mass is a solitary path!

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