unspoken (054)

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) july 2019 – @home – Nikon-D3500 – X_DS5_0230

15 thoughts on “unspoken (054)

      • It’s great to connect with you again too 🙂
        I’ve given up on trying to understand how the feed here or on any other social media site works.
        Once in a while it hits me that I haven’t seen someone in my feed so I go to look them up, but usually my mind is filled with so much it’s hard to remember whose work & ideas I’d like to see 🤷‍♀️
        Maybe one day they will give us more control 😂

        • I just keep the mail messages of visitors (from WP), and within one year I’ll visit back. Usually round Xmas and during summer (this time of the year)

          • I have to agree with you on this point.
            I suspect the friendships might last longer because we share more of our true selves here than we do on other social media sites.
            When I’m writing content for my posts I’m thinking about more than clever captions or only sharing a single (heightened positive) dimension of myself. I truly hope that people can understand, empathize & even learn from what I share. I don’t know that it matters that much on other social media that people feel connected in that way.
            Your perspective about why may differ 🙂

            • My perspectives on this don’t differ much. On WP you see people and their articles from a slower and deeper perspective. Much deeper i dare to say. And you don’t get snowed under … (in most cases). There is a record, a history, you see a human being for a certain amount of time, and likewise becoming real.

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