unspoken (051)

I don’t belong anywhere.
Call me wanderer.

I never identified with my country.
Barely with family,
perhaps with my hometown …
my only constant.

These days … it’s only getting worse.

There is a freedom associated with this,
but you can’t talk to so many people …
… not enough in common …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2019 – @home – SM-A520F – X_20190223_072448

12 thoughts on “unspoken (051)

        • Long time no hear or read from you … not unlike me you seem to make time irregularly. Making it even more interesting to receive any word or reply from you.
          I have a hangouts account, different from my regular gmail, and could add you there if interested in exchanging shorter dumps of words. Or i can send you my account via email.

          • Yes I’d really enjoy that, Bert. I’ve never tried hangouts before. I have a gmail account I use pretty regularly. This seems feasible. 😀 I’d be grateful if you sent your info along via email please. Thanks!

  1. I deeply understand you! Home country? What country? And what if you belong, and at the same time not totally belong, to more countries… 2 passports which only make the situation even more complicated!! Is there a country for people who feel they belong to no country?!!

    • Well, i understand the situation of people without passport, the refugees of not existing countries like Tibet … I also understand the problems of people with two passports … So mine is a luxury condition. Not a problem, just a state of being.
      I can talk to everyone around, at their level. I can travel anywhere. But living in my own world, I can not convey to anyone what I feel … only explain, downsplain … not much in common anymore with the people who think i belong with …

  2. I used to feel this way a lot when I was younger. Then I realized that nothing or no one external to myself would ever make me feel like I belonged. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but the feeling of not belonging started fading once I began turning inward & focussing on what makes me happy & feel grounded regardless of where I am physically. Because of this I rarely ever feel lonely anymore.
    I hope you continue to feel your freedom 🧡

    • Well, only seldom feeling lonely. Like when you hear nothing from someone anymore … But often alone in my thoughts, or in their absence. A certain kind of freedom, freedom of expression, but communication often seems to fail. Unfortunately.

  3. I heard a broadcast by Deepak Chopra, in which he advises beginning the day with the simple statement, “Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.” And I knew he was giving the definition of freedom! — Elizabeth

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