20th monologue …


nobody understands
who would like to make that effort?
who would dare,
a danger to any ideal,
any tradition or custom, …
a danger to the other perception,
to the other thinking,
to the ordinary perspective …
all shattered after a short conversation

and then
there will be no more
afraid of the shards of self

no one wants to look
into the mirror of truth
with the heart wide open …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert)  march 2019 – @Faraway Hill, Australia – SM-A520F — x_20190322_080914


6 thoughts on “20th monologue …

  1. Entering this post for the first time yesterday and noticing, all that will be said about it has probably already been said. So I get to be here alone! Later, I remembered it and realized, I am not looking at it – I am in it. Better put, you did not so much photograph this stillness, as bring it here. Thank you! — Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’ve not been posting a lot on this blog, so in my head it is still a fresh post, … until i see the time stamp 10 weeks ago. The picture is taken in March when i arrived 1 hour early at work and went around in the morning fog.
      There is the saying and there is the said. But the only thing that ever counts is the saying. And alone, I don’t know, I’m here too, in your saying, now. We are both in it, but there is a time lapse, in our mind, but only there, as what you are saying right now in the above is fresh and new, for you when you wr(i)(o)te it, for me when i read it, both, now. Happy to share this moment here and now with you.

      • Oh, how nice! Also, looking at “I’ve not been posting a lot on this blog” – does it mean that you also post on another blog? Is there another place, blog, social media or whatnot, where the public can read your posts and look at your photos? Thank you! — Elizabeth

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