19th dialogue …



so, both of you are one consciousness with two bodies?

— yes

but now there’s only two, ‘clones’?

— no, not clones, dyads, you can call ‘me’ Dyada

i would prefer that you’d call yourself plural ‘us’ Dyada, otherwise I couldn’t follow my own brain.

— but it isn’t ‘us’, it is ‘i’

WoW, how does that work?

— well, you have two legs that work in unison for ‘you’, and two arms, and two brains, and nearly everything double — and you don’t have a problem with that.

yes, but you cannot ‘do’ everything with ‘2 brains’

— sorry you have two brains, ‘us’ (like you said) has 4

How are they coupled to form one consciousness?

— do you know how consciousness works?


— neither do we, but on the physical level there is a quantum-coupling that interconnects about 10 million neurons only, of the 190bn available.

OK, now … practically, you can see an object from two 3d perspectives as one image?

— yes it looks different when only one is watching

And when both are at a different place you see two images?

— yes

Then how does that work?

— For local syncing like concentrating on threading a needle, the image remains local, leading the hand, and all other local bodyparts involved. However the consciousness is in both places and sees both images. So the focus of consciousness is ‘dual’ as we see it, but it could also be intermix and using the entire brain for one body, multiplying the possibilities.
Or both bodies can work together on the same job, and there we can do things 4 times faster than one not-dyad body could do it alone.

Can one body sleep and the other be awake.

— It happens, but ‘we’ feel lonelier when that happens. It can be very useful too …

And, could it also work with 3 or 4 bodies?

— Yes, that is possible, the amount of bodies with one consciousness is not limited. But, …  we didn’t try this yet.
For the moment we are indeed physical clones, but this should not be a necessity either, although …
We work on a thought-project where an eagle would be part of ‘us’
But we could also be a flock of birds, and two human bodies.


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) sep 2018 – @chestnut forest – nikon d3300 — x_dsc_8207



3 thoughts on “19th dialogue …

    • thank you — you probably meant the picture …
      well, well, i was thinking how they’d cope if either one of them were drunk …
      perhaps they would need that eagle to keep an eye on them

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