resolution(s) LOL

no goals …
ideas worth developing freely … like what?
painting the frontdoor?
learn some programming in python?
get an accreditation for network security?

.. this is just a todo list …
no goals …

a goal implies control.
control leads to stress.
mind cannot control.

what would such a goal be?
usually noble: become a better human being perhaps?
how is mind going to achieve such?
YES like this: John Cleese in fawlty towers!!!

mind needs to learn to listen
in stead of talking opinion
like a parrot
the whole time.

mind cannot restrain itself
without inducing stress,
which leads to less silence
and less listening.

only consciousness can select what to listen to.
somehow it acts as the selector of the streams.

consciousness does not listen to ‘goals’
it is just consciousness.

if consciousness is aware of things to do,
it can select, without attachment,
to switch the mode of listening
to mode ‘flow of doing’

and get things done …

then … mind is actively silent

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2018 – @leuven botanical – nikon d3300 — x_dsc_8353



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