18th not entirely a monologue …

Today is a friday,
like all other fridays
but something is wrong:
the date on my computer is wrong

How could that happen?
Perhaps the NTP-server was hacked?
Then … It says it’s saturday.
But it isn’t … is it?
How stupid can these machines be.

Really ?!
Perhaps somebody is running bitcoins
on our hacked time-servers
Making us believe that …

Hah, the neighbour …

“Hi Neil, what’s today’s date,
it’s friday, isn’t it?”

“NOOO, it’s SA-TUR-DAY …
perhaps you were ill yesterday,
didn’t see you. …”

Hmm !?! Sure?
Take a deep breath — ..0..0..0..

OK, I surrender,
it must be Saturday.

How I lost yesterday’s friday,
Is a complete and utter mystery.
Somehow, I missed a day.

I will probably live
one day longer tomorrow.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) nov 2018 – @leuven botanical – nikon d3300 — x_dsc_8322



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