a state of mind


there is consciousness

focusing on a
depressive state

it remains like that for an hour


consciousness notices the spider
hanging from the clothesline
consciousness is now absorbed
in watching that spider.


consciousness can be overtaken by anything


consciousness is usually monopolized by the self
the thinker of thoughts


that emotional depressive state
(which is not a depression)
was a state of mind,
self wallowing in fearful thoughts,
in sad thoughts
in complaining thoughts
self-loathing thoughts

not an emotion!

the emotion is as fleeting as the spider,
minutes not hours

then self wants
for some unknown reason
perpetuate that state
and it steals the focus


but somehow
the spider frees consciousness
for minutes,
not hours

self spins thoughts
around consciousness
being overtaken by self
for hours …

over and over

again and again


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) august 2017 – @home – Nikon D3300 — x_dsc_7366


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