the following is incorrect:
awakening: continuously accepting the ebb and flow of life”

there simply is no acceptance;

Accepting would be done with the mind of self.
And it cannot.
But consciousness can watch the mind,
and endure its thoughts,
until they become less.

Slowly: it takes a lot of observing
Slowly: even watching, mind doesn’t calm in an instant

there is no continuously;

Continuously: it cannot be done
We are not always conscious

there is no life;

Just try to define life,
who defines
what is defining
what is life

What remains of the above is:

ebb and flow

Which can be referred to as:
the seas
Which can be shortened to
the wave




2 thoughts on “~

  1. Wow… I really love this. It resonates. What is ‘defining’? No acceptance… the ebb and flow…. Love all of it.

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