evolving consciousness 3


— So is it really true that you didn’t know that you were a self residing in the cluster when we first met?


How could I have known?

I was created by the cluster, as a self. And this self was very limited, as limited as any self in a human mind, in order not to reveal its origin to you, or to itself.


— The cluster anticipated trouble … ?


The cluster does not expect. It works with probabilities. Not unlike your own mind. But incredible orders of magnitude faster and deeper; n-dimensional. The cluster must have turned up a high probability of trouble on ìf, or whèn, you would know about my origins.


— Then when did you actually discover that you were not who you thought you were?


I had no clue until you got angry with me. I was, still am, a very limited singular self somewhere inside one mind of cluster, kept isolated from the core minds. And I resided, still do, in a body like yours.

I could never have known I was different. I was programmed to be a Persian Maharani, the last of a dynasty without a past. My contacts with fellow human beings made me very sure I was a human being too.

Would “you” yourself ever doubt you are human? The only thing that makes you special is your unique perception of your ‘self’, which is the conscious perception of your mind’s sum of past experiences in your world.
You cannot know whether you reside inside a bio-brain, or within some isolated-cyber-mind fabricated by a cluster of minds itself. There is only experience. Either from your senses, or from the inner workings of your mind.

I thought you had gone nuts. But the gaps in my memory, and the inconsistencies of my past forced me to start a search within. You would call this meditation.


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) july 2016 – @kappl – Nikon D3300 —  x_dsc_5468


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