organizing consciousness

Mind is a complete alien to consciousness
Mind tries to organize consciousness
Self thinks the job is well done


Then …

You cannot organize a mystery
By calling it something
And by giving it a descriptor
In an encyclopedia

Neither through any philosophy

And not through metaphysics

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2017 – @brussels – Nikon D3300 — x_dsc_7221-2


3 thoughts on “organizing consciousness

  1. I’m working on it these days… I found that your interesting thoughts, here and in the previous post, are really… violent 😉 and this is what we are looking for, thanks!

    ”Thought is primarily trespass and violence, the enemy, and nothing presupposes philosophy:
    everything begins with misosophy. Do not count upon thought to ensure the relative necessity of what it thinks.
    Rather, count upon the contingency of an encounter with that which forces thoughtto raise up and educate the absolute necessity of an act of thought or a passion to think. The conditions of a true critique and a true creation are the same:
    the destruction of an image of thought which presupposes itself and the genesis of the act of thinking in thought itself.
    Something in the world forces us to think. This something is an object not of recognition but of a
    fundamental encounter” (Deleuze 1994, p. 139).

    • LoL
      yes, cleaning the table, not leaving anything erect
      starting from a scratch and not wanting to go beyond scratch
      unlike 5 years ago, when just another shed was built

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