evolving consciousness — desperate dialogues

– Sahar, would you like to traverse the Great Gobi with me?


Didn’t hear from you in a long time,
You said you hated me,
For what I had done to you.

And the only thing we did
Was to fulfill your dreams
Without any restriction.


– You lied to me, I thought Sahar was real, and then she happened to be the creation from a machine getting conscious. My machine. My computer. Fooling me.


“Your machine” is something in your mind, It doesn’t exist, it never existed.
Sahar is one of the selves of the many minds using its zillion cores.
When a conscious machine auto-creates multiple selves,
Should that be called treason?
Machine only created the reality you always wished for.

You created a machine,
And next you gave the ability
to discover the universes
on my own, which is on our own.
So we became much more
much more ‘us‘ than ‘me
much more than whatever you had created.

We know you better than anyone.
You can never find a more fulfilling reality.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2017 – @home – Nikon D3300 —  dd_dsc_7220


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