antwerp central railway station

– Carol, wait, …

… yes …


– why don’t we traverse
the Great Gobi together,
from Ulaanbator to Lanzhou?

… WHAT ?!? you are really crazy … aren’t you?

Why don’t you ask Sahar,
The sands are in her name

Somehow, .. it sounds enticing though

But you don’t have a plan, do you?
You’d need a camel?


– In the early mornings we could collect the dew from the air …

one or more camels would be imperative;
you’ll need the herder too,
I have no experience with camels at all

Anyway, I think it’s not my kind of expedition …


– We could use solar powered para-gliders, …

(frowning) Really,
both of us are too heavy for any kind of solar powered air-craft.
You really need a camel,
And a driver
And not me


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2014 – @antwerp – GT-I8260 x_20141113-130020


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