zero probability

Death appears not to be an existing option for mental mind.
Death of a close relative shows the way mind works.
There is no button,
to remove all actions and methods,
connected to this living person
when death occurs.

Mind does not work like a computer.
Mind keeps track of predictability of occurrences
occurrences of appearances and phenomena.
Nothing more.

The (sudden) death of somebody only slowly leads to new predictabilities.
Mind does not do maths,
neither is it a logical machine,
it’s using some kind of ‘fuzzy logic’.

For these reasons
it must be impossible for the mind
to penetrate the scope of death.

The reality that the mind machine will one day end,
has a ‘zero probability’.

As long as mind has been alive,
it has never experienced
its own not-existence.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2017 – @Leuven botanical – nikon D3300 x_dsc_6942


16 thoughts on “zero probability

  1. Just lost a good friend of 30 years or so, the third I have lost. Parents are long gone. Brother departed a few years ago. And yet all today, with all that experience, I couldn’t fathom, as I couldn’t when I was little and Pop died, where is he? Where did he go? How can he be no more? Why must God take us through this pain so he can experience it in our bodies? Couldn’t He feel it in other ways? I know you had a problematic relationship with your Dad I think you said once but the end sounds like you overcame that. Why do we have to go through this? And why can’t we just be put to sleep?

    • these are all questions that go through my head at this same very moment.
      a private experience being the source of empathy that can be cultivated into compassion. i feel with you.
      mental mind does not have answers. it cannot. it is limited. there is no data.
      google-in-my-head seems to be limited to experiences only. the logic-thinker-self can deduce through logic, but the big machine encompassing both does not store thoughts the same way it stores experiences. we can not impose our thought reality and replace it with the experienced reality. both seem to be experiences that are juxtaposed in the memory matrix of the mind machine: i.e. this is the experience, and this was the concluded thought experience. a relational database where religion and spirituality, or the lack thereof, plays an important role, …
      a father-son relation is something very complex. the seal of approval i sometimes got and sometimes not seems to be a big factor. most of that got resolved in the month before he died. we spent a lot of time together.
      google-in-my-mind has anwsers to the last two questions, that involve personal action. my country seems to be more willing to allow the same process we sometimes choose out of compassion for our animals as a personal choice, even in catholic hospitals, … when the right paperwork has been done before that choice becomes impossible. but i know nobody in my own circle who took this road. the possibility alone is sometimes enough to quieten the thoughts.

      • Sorry for the tardy reply. You wrote a packed comment and I can only speak to a few things. I guess i answered my own question about where is he? Every where and nowhere.
        It is so good you were able to get close to your father at the end. It matters so much in a human feeling way. Very happy for you.
        You are so lucky to live in a country with civilized laws about being “put to sleep.” The rules in the United States are so primitive just like our current president. There is this feeling of the moral high ground.
        Apart from all that, Bert, I do hope you are okay and being good to yourself. You took care of your father lovingly and that is all that matters really, that we try our best.

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