in memoriam patris …

when i was young
he carried me on his shoulders,
he brought me to bed,
all those evenings,
we played together and
created many fantastic things:
hundreds of kites,
a miniature cable-car,
1000 variations on the lego train,
antenna’s to receive
germany, france
even spain on tv

these past 4 weeks
… i carried him to bed
… to his chair,
… to the table

he passed away today
during an afternoon nap
in his favourite chair

“wherever you are now,
have fun, be free”

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) apr 2016 – @home – Nikon-D3300 – x_dsc_4710


13 thoughts on “in memoriam patris …

  1. Condolences Bert, it happened to me a few years back. The way you compose this elegy reminds me it happens to all of us; everything turns around, a returning, and the end is the beginning…

  2. What beautiful thoughts Bert. You are so fortunate to have spent those last few weeks together. I love your poem. Thank you for sharing this with us…. such a gift. And may your Father laugh and skip to your last lines to have fun and be free. Jana

  3. Oh, Bert, I am so very sorry!! A beautiful tribute to your father and treasured memories that will stay in your heart forever. Tears for you, dear Bert!! May Spring help ease your pain!! Hugs, ellen

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