a force

so i really want to see reality as it is

it is useless to keep being misinformed
by mind and ego and
other nameless things in my head

am i passionate for the truth
passionate enough for Truth?


time will learn

wanting to be fearless
wanting not to be blind
who is doing this ‘wanting’

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2017 – @leuven botanical – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_6919


6 thoughts on “a force

  1. This, from my book The Milk Is White, may help.

    The Boat Of Life.
    Each Earth life, each time, is charted according to the specific needs of the individual but this is not as a fixed, defined single line but as a course defined by two parallel lines within which free will may be exercised. Thus, there is flexibility within predetermined parameters, and these parameters limit the scope of our experiences and achievements to what is necessary for each life. This explains why, in the case of some people, no matter how much they strive to achieve something, that something does not eventuate whilst, with others, the same thing occurs without effort or action. For example, wealth comes to some and not to others, as does health, vocation etc.
    If we study the lives of ourselves or others we can see how events occurred at various times, without the exercise of individual will, to take us or them on a particular course or prepare us or them for a future eventuality.
    We can use the analogy of a boat upon the ocean, with the ocean being the potential, the boat being the life, and the individual sitting with the hand on the rudder. The direction in which the prow is pointed, the currents under the boat and the winds prevailing at any given time, take the boat on its journey.
    Our best, and most difficult, course of action is to keep the prow pointing ‘north’ (this being our spiritual ideal) by a firm hand on the tiller whilst being aware of the forces being exerted by the air and ocean currents. This does not mean that we adopt a negative attitude by being totally fatalistic because it is necessary that we set goals as well as try various options and use our initiative to attain them, but this with the awareness that these may not be what is required for us and, hence, we apply the principle of non-attachment to the result. This allows the best to eventuate without any negative feelings relative to the result.
    There is another option, which most of us adopt in our ignorance, and that is to use oars, or an outboard motor to propel the boat according to our desires, against the subtle forces of the air and ocean currents. This we call “Taking control”, but it is excessive control and limited to this world. When we take this course we are unaware, or will not accept, that true control comes from a deeper level of awareness of what we need and that it is we who have been instrumental in determining that need. Because we have free will
    there is nothing wrong, as such, with us taking this wilful course of action – it is our choice; all that happens is that we put off for another time the learning experience we inevitably have to undergo.
    “Quo Vadis?”

  2. who is doing this ‘wanting’… I’d agree with Ellen, it’s a good question.
    Unless it’s ‘wanting’ as in hungry, or driven, 2nd noble truth: suffering is caused by desire

      • That may be, Bert, but the answer IS available and its availability depends on one’s “state of being” in relation to the Reality or, to use an analogy, if one is tuned in to VHF one cannot receive UHF [assuming that I am correct that UHF is a higher frequency than VHF :-)]

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