still there

it feels like a continuum
without day or night
without seasons

what i was doing
two months ago,
january and february,
is still here
by many activities

but mind
— is it mind? —
can be back in an instant

what I was doing in november 2014 is still here
interrupted by even more activities,
but still here …

was i doing anything?
it was more like not doing …

not like a project
more like being on a train,
for a long time
and doing things
in stations here and there

there is no driver
there might not even be a track
sometimes I even wonder whether there is a carriage

landscapes do change
stations alternate
but that train to nowhere is still here

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) october 2016 – @water Forest – nikon D3300 x_dsc_6561


4 thoughts on “still there

  1. I presume you wrote this. It sounds like some trains of thought I’ve been rambling on lately, with my own take. I’m not a head person; more kinesthetic/feeling, so head doesn’t drive me nuts. But I’ve been editing several collections for a poetry group I’ve been writing with since 2009 and the 2014 you mentioned floated in front of my eyes a few days ago – that year – and what I wrote – and yes, still here; yes, still writing; yes, some of the same issues and yes. Train to nowhere, though I suspect it keep circling back with a slightly altered perspective. Just guessing. ❤

  2. De “mise en page” (compositie) is goed. De horizontale lijn perfect horizontaal. De kleur is niet aantrekkelijk. Misschien in de herfst beter.

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