It is very likely that Reality is much bigger
than all that can be observed, no matter how, by all available observers.
Although I cannot even know for sure that there are other observers at all.

‘In Reality things could be unfathomable through any mind.
What if “non-find-ability” is at the core of everything observed: phenomena and thought.’ (T.M.r)

Then we are back at ground zero: we cannot know anything.
Of course not. Didn’t I write that 5 years ago?
.. it was intuited, not a result of logic, while i was just de-constructing ‘everything’ after the previous building of ‘truth’ had just collapsed.

But the absence of ‘knowledge’ didn’t then and does not now kill the ego, nor does it immediately open the door to ‘thusness’, or ‘suchness’ or ’emptiness’ or ‘truth’ or ‘absolute reality’, or whatever you could call it or not call it.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2017 – @leuven botanical – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_6953


5 thoughts on “unfathomability

  1. When you put it this way, there’s nothing at all about the unfathomable to be fathomed, mind doesn’t stretch that far. The “non-find-ability” at the core of everything, not only that which is observed, whole, entire thing. It can be intuited to some extent, and for some spiritual individuals this may be the entry point to ‘thusness’ etc., and enlightenment. One can allow for this and just get on with things. By the way, what is the reference (T.M.r) ?

    • Anything we observe is phenomenal. Mind thinks there must be something noumenal behind it, but we cannot simply say yes or no. We don’t have the correct perspective. We don’t have any perspective at all. It will remain unknown to mind forever. (T.M.r is a good friend, Tenzin Jigme. I quoted from a recent email exchange.)

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