what am i?

bert is ‘his’ reactions to bert’s past
a circular self-adapting ‘form’
the strange feedback through the mind-machine,
that tries to experience itself.
self-amplifying reactions
like amazon mostly showing
what you have bought before

thus there is no core …
there is a physical machine
programmed from the beginning by environment
– creating process,
a processs that is trying to see itself.

process identifying with the data-record, and not even with process.

process, like the flowing water inside the river,
which is not the river

identifying with rainbow, created by rain and light,
neither of them being the rainbow itself

there is a life
the flow of a body-mind,
first developing
and then going back to nature
after a short time

you cannot hold that life, not define it,
you can make snapshots, and a lot of snapshots become a self-image
that the i identifies with
what a strange thing is identification

i am not a timeline
i am not a life
i am not a (series of) snapshot(s)
i am not a body
i am not a mind

i am ephemeral
a morphing phenomenon
the rainbow

and who is watching the rainbow ?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) jul 2015 – @self – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_2033


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