Biggest problem of ego is not that it is just a record of itself,
The problem is that this record is extremely incorrect
full of acquired opinion
full of auto-created opinion

opinion can never be reality

Acquired opinion …

is a thing like tradition, i.e.  culture and religion,
things like my father always said that “… “
everything you have learned at home,
everything you have learned in school,
everything you learn at work, (do you ever learn anything at work?)
everything you see and hear on tv, radio and social media
everything you see, hear and read on the internet
everything you read on my blog ( 🙂 )
everything you read in a newspaper, …

You probably only seldom verify any of the above for yourself,
and might still take it and incorporate it.

Auto-created opinion, what makes that true?

Any opinion is a solidified thing from the past.
It might have been true then, but is it still today?
It blinds you and prevents you from seeing
the morphing experience
that is always
fresh and new,
called reality.

Some have an opinion about awareness.
Some did investigate, many didn’t.

We all experience awareness, daily, most of the time without meditation.

When i wake up, the first moment before the first thought,
When i am stunned through beauty or its opposite,
When i am silently happy,

And then …
if awareness is aware of itself,
mind can’t look into it,
any opinion about it is useless …
don’t take a guru’s opinion for granted, …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2016 – @self – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_5336


2 thoughts on “opinion

  1. Some would say opinion makes a person’s reality. Creates it, at least in their mind; for them in life. To some degree I think we’re all like this. And yes, opinions change. That people do not realize this is perhaps to their discredit, for it keeps society in a somewhat regressive state. As evidenced by today’s political climate. For example 😉

    • yes, it is like that, the perception through mind and ego, 100% coloured by opinion. 🙂 I think that 99% of the people have no clue that they always wear blinders, and that’s just one of my hoarded opinions …
      Yes, we do that, hoarding our ego together.

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