In the vastness of the entire mind, ego is just one record – and we identify with it.
This is how we want to be …
It is the most important source of our reactions — in a lesser extend the source of some actions.

Another part of mental mind is the “google in our head”, the endless stream of comment and information to ourselves on what is happening. It is usually less restricted than ego. This mental ‘google’ is most often the source of our actions.

Mental ‘google’ has access to most past experiences except the ones that were suppressed.
Ego, in contrast, seems to selects the ‘good’ (whatever that is) experiences only.

Then what is the shadow? The entire mind minus mental ‘google’?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) december 2016 – @self – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_6729


7 thoughts on “‘google’

  1. My take only: The Shadow is what lies in denial. Beyond the machinations of the mind and what we ‘believe’ our best selves to be – a prop, at best. Therein lies a repository of hurt, hate, resentment and unresolved feelings. Imagine this happening on a collective level as well and you’ll have a poignant example of what is happening in the US political arena today. And all one can do is to accept and deal with what resides within the confines of what can be managed; of what lies within the shell of so-called selfhood. Aloha, Bert. ❤

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