mind is all those memories
of experiences,
and of itself — which is the experience of being

Everything is an experience,
awareness is also an experience,
is it a subject ?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2016 – @self – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_6266


16 thoughts on “mind

  1. Yes, but (my eldest brother once had a stuffed rabbit named Yabut 😉 ), how does one define Mind? I think this is key. Your definition is your own, yet what if it is (too) limiting? As for experience being a subject, surely experience is subjective, emerging from the perspective and restrictions of one’s own mind.

    • No, I’m listening. I’m very grateful for all comments.
      I’m still looking for a definition of the entire mind. But it will indeed be my own. I’m approaching it as a system, where the micro-controllers of the body belong to the physical layer, and are not interesting to me (yet) 🙂
      Basic emotions like happiness and sadness or disgust are what they are, messengers, not very different from the sensory organs.
      Mental emotions like guilt or shame or envy are surely part of the system called mind, but I don’t know yet where to put them – definitely in the mental world … some in the shadow, some in ego, …

      I’ve done this exercise before, and I noticed today, when reading a comment from Violet, that what I was thought to be a redrawing from scratch, isn’t from scratch at all, just another version compared to 4 years ago.
      The aim is different from then. It was about self-knowledge, still is now, but I’m also thinking about hacking the mind (giggle).

    • still you are experiencing it … brain does not shut down during awareness, more to the contrary. one thing is absent and that is the “experiencer”. the experiencer is not actively collecting. there is no seeker, no experience seeker, identification with ‘me’ seems completely gone. as if one is ‘one’ with what’s going on or not going on. of course this is not science and choosing the correct words is shaky to say the least.

      • Yep, choosing the words is shaky to say the least, awareness is aware of experience and experience is aware of changes in awareness – and let’s remember it happens in an instant, and our observation of how it works is a factor in what it appears to be. No experiencer, seeker or any identification with ‘me’. It’s the seamless process itself, the experiences could be like screen shots of an instant seen after the fact.

          • Hmm… as soon as we identify the context, it becomes that. Maybe best to say it can’t be observed, measured or understood. It just ‘is’. Getting the thinking mind around to seeing it like that is where the attention should be. Nice pic btw, looks like the crowded populations we see here in the East, not much in the way of a separate self, a group consciousness at best…

      • Canvas is a setting, and what a simple experience it is to be a canvas waiting for the process of awareness to create an experience of art for that canvas. Technically, everything is a piece of experience, whether all the individual parts are experiences themselves, that’s the discussion we have over life everyday, isn’t it? Lol micro and macrocosms of life and the arguments of perceptions. Hugs

        • i see my being as an endless stream of experience, with or without experiencer. every moment we are a canvas. there is always the opportunity to create something exceptionally unique and wonderful 🙂 every moment of life.
          (( hugs ))

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