memories …

not to be remembered
too often

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) aug 2016 – @kappl (austria) – Canon Ixus HS230 – x_img_0565


12 thoughts on “memories …

  1. Metaphors aside Bert, I enjoy wandering around in this photo…. the rolling hills, the road that tempts me to zoom me out of the scene, that magnificent mountain on the other side of the deep chasm, mists rising…and the light. Sun and cloud is an unusual combination in the mountains where I live.

    • I remember the early morning walk, more than the scene … Left around 630am. The clouds were down in the valley, and I found myself in the middle of this strange appearance. It’s the last valley before Italy, .. there can be a lot of sun 🙂

  2. It’s like a road sign, giving directions to drivers: “Not to be remembered”. The last thing you see driving away from a place that seemed to focus the attention on something unhappy, dwelling on an uncomfortable truth perhaps that wasn’t really important but, on the other hand, there was some meaning in it that holds the mind…

    • yes, a road sign 🙂
      — everything, seems to hold this mind — specialness and peculiarities of anything encountered. Brought back at a glance of something associated directly or not … useful while traveling, but sometimes more of a hindrance when trying to live …

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