multitasking impossible

it has become
completely impossible
for my crazy mind
to multitask

Scheduling still works …

but please,
let me concentrate
on just one thing
for at least
half a day
and why not
an entire week

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) dec 2016 – @leuven botanical – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_6715


10 thoughts on “multitasking impossible

    • I am attracted by the silence of the flowing mind. it can be so peaceful when concentrated to the brim on .. whatever task .. even doing the dishes, … and then it feels hard to always be interrupted …

  1. They have studied multitasking and found that one is not concentrating on two things at once but rather going back and forth between two things or more and is very stressful. I can’t do it at all. Why should we?

    • 🙂 .. I think the mental ‘me’ has the ability to lure me into multitasking. But these days it seems as if it is more difficult to get ‘me’ to work. As if, when that internal slave-driver is calmed down to normal proportions it refuses to connect a chain of things to do. (no more chain gang)
      “A” needs to be done. Ok, let’s do “A” or just be lazy … Is there a “B”(?) — if yes, “much LATER”.
      Something like that … but more or less unconscious.

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