double screening

.. if you’d follow the water with your eyes,
.. you’d see waves and individual drops …
.. but if you just look and let mind do its work,
.. you’ll see nothing more than the above …

Did you ever watch a landscape/concert/sports-event through the screen of your smart phone? What happened to all those giga-pixels that you didn’t notice?

… but you stored the ‘experience’ for later, and you shared the file so others could glance at your post – for two seconds – and click “like”. Next you might feel good for a minute, and do it again.

When you watch a waterfall,
your mind is no less a screen
between you and reality
than your smart-phone.

Your mind interprets and stores the event.
Mind comments: your mind-voice takes over from the senses,
and stores its description of the experience
while YOU forget to notice the sparkling details.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) july 2016 – @kappl (austria) – Canon HS230/Nikon D3300 – X_IMG_0433/X_DSC_5912


10 thoughts on “double screening

  1. Excellent Bert. I am so taken and astounded by such moments that I often forget that I have a camera (do not own a smart phone) and miss capturing the “perfect shot”- but I will never forget how it felt, to really experience it, right then and there. Wonderful, thought-provoking post- and such lovely images. Were these shot in Austria? — Cheers,
    Autumn Jade

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