silent share 210

… a constricting glove …
… will it ever fit …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2016 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_5301


8 thoughts on “silent share 210

    • I was more thinking about the constrictions of society upon me .. I seem to have been out of it for most of the past 30 years — making me often an alien as soon as a conversation goes deeper than the surface. But it is the only way for me. Photography is just another of those things I do mostly alone 🙂

      • I think we are all more alien than we realize. Being mainly housebound these last few years makes me realize how comfortable I am being alone and the degree of my introversion. I think we try extremely hard every day to fit into the molds society creates for us and it can be painful and exhausting.
        There are moments now when, believe it or not, I’m relieved not to have to interact with people all the time.
        Being “alien” is not such a terrible thing when you’re comfortable with yourself and you get to explore so many more things just because you want to 🙂

        • Acknowledging 100% what you say, except that it’s becoming difficult to answer the openers of a dialogue, like “where did you go on holiday”, “did you see the news”, “how’s work”
          🙂 … most things taken for granted by Joe and Jane seem very morphable in my perception, and it feels lonely now and then not to be able to find a soul outside 2 or 3 friends, to talk about these things …

          • I understand your point, but for me I prefer having that small circle I don’t have to pretend with.
            Although, I must admit that I have a larger circle of people who care about & are interested in my life than I realized before my illness. Still, as wonderful as it is, I sometimes find it exhausting to have to keep up with so many people especially with my physical resources so challenged.
            I hope for you, if it is truly what you want, that you are able to expand yourself and your connections 🙂

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