silent share 190

Summer is there …

Some want summer to start,
when they think it should;
or even worse,
when their calendar tells them …

Do you use your mind to see,
use tradition to tell ..
.. or does your eye observe?

Have a wonderful Summer

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2016 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_5283


20 thoughts on “silent share 190

  1. Summer in Miami, Florida is a sweating death march of sweltering heat. Moved to Greensboro, North Carolina Jan 2015. It’s hot but the nights cool off very comfortably and can turn off the AC then.

  2. Hey, I go with whatever! Last year it was extreme heat and humidity, no wind for months. I thought I’d die. We even installed a small room a/c for the first time Ever in our lives. I hated to do it, but I was really uncomfortable trying to work inside. I jumped in the ocean a lot! This year we’ve gotten loads of rain, usually at night, and it cools things off and the days clear off with light winds. This is how I remember Hawai’i from 25 years ago. And people complain. As if that will do any good! Aloha, and have a blessed summer, Bert.

    • thank you, Ellen. resting as much as I can, to quickly forget 3 weeks of over-activity..
      What is left is being present during two exam sessions, and evaluating 54 ‘works’.
      I have about a week for that. Should be sufficient.

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