silent share 160


…  i felt
my internal organs shaking,
when that truck driver didn’t see me,
and i automatically chose
the unpaved right side of the road …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2016 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_5057


9 thoughts on “silent share 160

  1. Now this is so strange, guys – I had a long talk with a local man this morning (I bike, he walks, we see one another, stop and chat now and again). And one of the subjects of our discourse was someone he saw on the TV news. This guy was in one of the floods happening in the southern states right now. He was in a car, floodwaters rising, and the news reporter filming him urged him to get Out of his car Now! The man just froze, and apparently was swept away. My friend’s take on this was that people have lost contact with their senses, and that many (most?) humans lack common sense. Years ago in my 20’s I was working downtown Bangor, ME, when the Penobscot River outlet canals that flow through town became blocked by ice (spring flooding there is common, but often not that dire). I was standing on an overpass watching the bank’s parking lot filling with water. And a woman was actually going Into the flood zone to retrieve her sporty car! I was incredulous. Luckily, a guy spotted her, ripped his clothes off and dove into that freezing water to save her (they later married, later/later divorced). I was so grateful, as I’m a good swimmer, and had he not jumped in when he did, I was faced with doing the same. So I want to tell you both that I, too, have instincts and I use them. Glad you both did the same and lived to tell the tale! Aloha!

      • I had very close call on a motorway over here last month, and afterwards I saw very clearly how efficient the brain/nervous system is when we (the controlling ‘me’) gets out of the way. No thinking whatsoever, no conscious calculations, it all happens far too quickly for that unnecessary stuff. I wasn’t shaking after, but a part of me wanted to tear a strip off to the idiot truck driver who veered out in front of me. Then it’s all gone, and for the granting of half a second’s grace, the world still exists.

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