silent share 150

sometimes I feel lost
for no reason at all

then I remain for a while
in this unknown place

it’s not bad
it’s just a place
I move and
that space moves too

already far behind

nothing but
these words

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) april 2016 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_4752


7 thoughts on “silent share 150

  1. This is interesting, Bert. Your reflections. The photo is lovely. I, too, go into those ‘lost’ places, and yes, for no reason at all. I read somewhat recently somewhere that my (type? astrology mix? something …) doesn’t like ‘the void,’ and seeks to fill it with comfort. For years I would do that with food. Now I am really mindful of that, and have incrementally shored up my diet over several years, really listening to my body. So I am left with this, instead, “What is this about?” Why am I uncomfortable with the void when I seek out silence almost full-time in my life? What Is this? Always informative.

    • Hi Bela. I think that no mind likes the void.
      Two opposing factors: my mind me. When mind dissolves in silence, sometimes there is only void, but there still is a “bert” — but no more aversion to this void. Mental Mind does not oppose any more .. for some time 🙂

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