.. beauty and consolation ..

art stirs the heart
what kind of beauty
would you use
to mend

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2016 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_4609


3 thoughts on “.. beauty and consolation ..

    • I remember listening to Bach myself for this purpose. But the 2nd time I used the same piece, it backfired and amplified the suffering. 🙂 Perhaps that is exactly what you mean by ‘going into it’

      • I suppose that to pass through a deep emotion most effectively, we must experience it fully; we must absorb into it totally and so its power dissipates and exhausts. Grieving in bereavement seems to work like this, and it’s as if the mind slow-releases the anguish so as to make it bearable as a whole over time. If we felt all the pain of losing a loved one all at once, it may be too much to bear, quite literally? Bela will probably be able to expand on this better than I am able to.

        A broken heart, I think, is one which still resists the actuality of the situation in some degree. There may be a conceptual acceptance that the situation is how it is, but still there’s a residue of thought that hankers after what no longer is or can be. My heart was broken when I lost my beloved Border Collie a couple of years ago, and I often found myself desperately wanting her to be alive again with me, and in that hankering there was resistance – a momentary refusal to accept the broken heart. Had I been able to fully allow the pain, then the grieving process will have passed more quickly, I feel sure. I experienced the same when I lost my grandson nearly five years ago, and the grieving process took about eighteen months to work through its worst effects. I listened to The Goldberg Variations a lot – Gould’s later (’81) introspective recordings. 🙂

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