mid October

now it’s mid October
and it feels like only 2 weeks passed
since we went on holiday

but in fact, more than 2 months
separate us from those days

what happened to feeling time?
how real is the experience of time?

and all that matters is ..
this reality
one that will never come again
just as it is now

a continuous now
incessantly presenting us
with an ever changing scenery,
an ever changing cast
ever changing events:

my own private soap opera

always available,
and never interrupted
by commercials

only interrupted by absence
when i sleep
or when i’ll finish this
long chain of ‘now’s

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_4063

9 thoughts on “mid October

  1. Bert, Thank you for coming to my site and liking a couple of things. I have not blogged nor read blogs for ages and can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t quite know why. A hard time and adjusting. Not quite sure what is going on. How have you been? Your mushroom is getting into abstraction which I do like very much. As far as time goes, I watched an interesting movie, very mundane though somewhat meaningful at the end, called “Lucy”. Lucy accesses 100% of her brain and is able to have special powers and she says that time is life and without time there is no life. Interesting to ponder. I do miss a few people, especially you since you were there for me from the beginning and I always enjoyed your posts. I am still following Mooji, though lost faith in him, too, for awhile. He says loss of interest in many things can mean one is on the brink of an opening of spirituality. I certainly hope so because I have lost my poetry and art and photography. I hope you are well. Can’t say if I’ll go back to WP or not. Not for now that’s for sure. Take care, Bert. With love, Ellen

    • Hi Ellen. Great to hear from you. I noticed your silence over the past few months, remembering you had a difficult time adjusting to different medicine. I’m feeling something else, which can be more translated as blog-fatigue. I will probably continue to publish posts and pictures, but mostly for myself, as i barely have time to read any of those 200+ blogs I’m ‘following’ — I made a shortlist of some that I will visit when time permits — most of them older friends in blogworld … and I also noticed many of those are slowing down …
      I’m getting the hang of the Nikon equipment. It’s getting easier to make ‘good’ pictures. Before August I had a 1 out of 20 while these days 1 out of 4 are publishable. Unfortunately, there is not much time to shoot, as I’m teaching a lot, and use most of my spare time for exercise and rest. I’m feeling a lot healthier these days than 6 months ago. Getting the impression I’m back to the time before the problems started, like more than a year ago.

      Interesting films you mention. I think we still have a lot of hidden brainfunctions. Some might be related to interconnection with others. Perhaps it is not brain but soul, perhaps it is both working together.

      I have missed your artsy pictures and posts. I miss some others too. Some bloggers just disappear, like Maren, alias seeingM and others announce leaving the blogworld like ‘poetry of light’ by j.h. white.

      Wishing you all the best, and a reappearance of inspiration, art and spirituality.

      • Dear Bert,

        Thank you for your good wishes. I am just now trying a new homeopathic medicine to help with the crippling anxiety which kills inspiration, spirituality and peace of mind. I will see what happens and try another Mooji retreat in a few weeks. Sorry to hear you have blog fatigue. I totally understand that and know you are so busy but very glad to hear you have a return to health back to before the problems of year ago. Very happy to hear that! Hope that health and exercise continues. Part of my blog fatigue is that I think that it is just a sort of ego game, in many cases, although I must say I do miss some blogs, yours especially, and the inspiration that came from them and the comradery. But I now have a close Indian friend and we have a heavy correspondence and it is very lovely. So that sort of takes time but it is a more real relationship than most blog comments and commentary. You were always the exception. I remember your kindness from long ago. And there are a few others I really care about and only one of which I am in contact with. Wishing you continued physical and spiritual health.


        • … the ego game … I’ve been unconsciously testing it, not reading and liking much in the past 6 weeks. At least half of the followers are unseen when I do that. Yesterday I used the reader and whoppa, 20 extra likes on the last post. I’m rethinking blogging. Going a different way, while still sharing thoughts. People like pictures of flowers and messages that confirm their opinions. Too bad, reality is not like that 🙂
          … there was a time when I had a couple of email friends. Most have gone the facebook way, now locked up in the world of one-liners and tagging and likers. I have the impression that the wordpress community is going that way too.
          Still I identified the need for a blog for myself. To be able to look into the past. 7 years of posts. And then I see a steady evolution. … only a couple of teachers left: Jiddu Krishnamurti and Bernadette Roberts.
          I see that your blog remains silent. I think you have my email address; you can use it to keep in touch. I hope your homoeopathic remedy really works, and that the anxiety will background again. All the best

  2. Time, a commodity,
    Which can’t be reversed;
    No matter,
    Regrets, blood, tears,
    Beauty, joy, youth…

    Time, elusive wind ~
    Chronological time,
    Yes, indeed;
    Psychological time:
    Human creation.

    • that time is in the mind and puts one thought after the other … just a series of thoughts
      but when there is less mind, the now appears
      then there is physical time very apparent when we see ISS move through the sky or when a lunar eclipse fades the moon out before our very eyes …

      • Yes, the distinction between physical and psychological time is useful Bert. I think what you describe at the end of your comment is what I would call ‘direct perception’ rather than mind’s typical representations (mind’s echoes of the former). I see the former as a direct (unmediated) visual sensing of the ISS, the moon, etc., – not an apprehending of time itself. Our bodies have no in-built time sensors. The same is true of wetness; people insist they experience wetness, yet they cannot – only pressure and temperature, which are then interpreted, along with visual clues, as the concept of ‘wetness’. 🙂

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