silent hurdles 134

what about those hurdles in life …
what makes them a hurdle?

the problem you are facing …

or the struggling mind, ..
resisting change?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_dsc_4046


14 thoughts on “silent hurdles 134

  1. It depends on if one is dodging a war zone, or hungry for a crumb of bread, a tiny bit of clean water, desperation for clean air if one lives near the tar sands, etc.

    • that reality has nothing to do with my luxury hurdles .. that reality has little to do with resistance to change — clinging to hope is the only thing you can do, and even that they might take away from you and then there is only the instinct of survival left ..
      The stories my grandparents told me will never be erased from my memory. Unfortunately in many parts of the world, the war never ended …

      • Resistance to change is often political, such as for the Palestinians, and rightly so, it’s thier land and why should they be okay with the change (theft and genocide)?

        • in my little post I’m only talking about my luxury problems and my resistance to the small changes in my life .. it cannot be up-scaled to what you are talking about.

            • Those are just linguistic mind games, sorry to be so abrupt about it, but that’s how I see what you are saying.

              I hope your ego doesn’t take offence! I’m merely discussing philosophy with you, which I always find interesting, and the reason that I write poetry, to me, poetry is condensed philosophy.

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