silent ‘killing’ 133


Linji said:
If you meet the Buddha, kill him

well, of course not literally
just, kill that image of your guru,
the osho, the krishnamurti, whoever …

find truth,
see the human being
behind the object of adoration
in your mind

“stop the separation of objectification”

then …

go beyond your teacher

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) august 2015 – @leuven(be) botanical gardens – Nikon D3300 – e_dsc_3079

8 thoughts on “silent ‘killing’ 133

  1. Any authentic teacher would Want their student to ‘go beyond’ them. And so. Seek stillness within, take comfort and guidance from that place. Once we leave the body, it will serve us very well indeed.

  2. Zeer, zeer, mooi. Formidabele belichting. Ik zou bijna durven denken dat die mosselen u niet alleen gesmaakt hebben, maar ook uw esthetisch gevoel hebben aangescherpt.

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