silent memories 131

memories  …

they only come
when they are triggered

if not activated again
they will never be remembered
wasted forever
into oblivion

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2015 – @leuven botanical gardens (BE) – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_3048

17 thoughts on “silent memories 131

  1. This is so true.
    There are many times when a memory surfaces and throws me off-balance or when someone speaks to me of something that they are determined I must remember but can’t. Then there are the moments when as you said you are triggered and a whole scene from your life comes flooding back. The mind/brain is wired for surprises

      • Mental objects too are conditioned I agree Bert – ‘Dependant Origination’ [Paṭiccasamuppāda] as orthodox Buddhism asserts. The only thing that is not conditioned (according to Buddhism) is the supramundane path moment of liberation. Yet for the individual’s direct (aware) experience, inference is very often needed. Why? Because if we were always aware of the chain of origination, we would be in a state of perpetual regression – which is impossible of course; we would be going backwards in psychological time. So, the assertion rests on inference. We all have these moments: ‘where did that thought come from?’

        • Some of those thoughts — but these are thoughts, not memories — i used to label ‘rogue thoughts’. Where they come from … they usually come from our animal brain (if we can use that incorrect division into brain parts)
          … a memory is not a thought, it can result in a thought, but it doesn’t have too … the thought that might come up is “where did that memory come from” … memory is just that recollection of something that has happened in the past.

          • Well, just for myself, and without wishing to disagree, I regard memories and thoughts all simply as mental objects, and although the distinctions are useful at one level – like in communicating here – it is ultimately without substance. How can we have an original thought? One thinks of Chomsky’s “colorless green ideas sleep furiously”, and yet even that is built on five memories of concepts.

            Yes, animal awareness, or non-reflective (non-egoic) awareness – the simple apprehending of objects in response to sense impressions, including sub-conscious mental impressions. They do seem ‘rogue’, as if implanted by another hand. Spooky.

            A question Bert: what is mindfulness – is it thought, or memory, or neither?

            • … everything you write here seems to be applicable … and then you mention something out of ‘that blue’:
              mindfulness … for me it is the same as awareness, unless you give it a mental quality, … then it becomes something completely different 🙂
              … we should write a dictionary first.

            • Well, I think looking at mindfulness is interesting and relevant here Bert, because what we find is that it is an attempt at remembering what occurred ‘just then’; so it is both a memory and a new thought all at once. It is a series of singular mental objects, each of which we can call a memory, yet each of which stands on its own as a new thought. Memory is a fabrication, and so we get false, or partial, or conflated ‘memories’. These are therefore not strictly memories in the sense of being an accurate recalling, and are instead rather better described as thoughts perhaps. Or more accurately still, consider them all simply as mental objects?

            • although i confirm that a memory is a snapshot of an interpretation, and that recalling that memory is an active process that also reinterprets the memorized interpretation, in the activated memory that inspired me to jot this down and publish, there was no thought, at first, just an image from ‘toddlerhood’ …

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