silent share 115

must there be a goal?
silence is neither a goal,
nor a journey …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) august 2015 – @idalp (ischgl — austria) – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_2734


13 thoughts on “silent share 115

    • … perhaps we are all insane on one or several levels, but some people seem to be able to hide their ‘insanity’ better than others.
      The insanity is brought about by all the chains around us: physical, mental, emotional, hormonal even (and not in the least) spiritual. Removing those chains, one after the other, is the only thing we can do to become real, and ultimately selfless

      • Maybe insanity is being real. We release all the barriers that keep us from letting go. To be free we need to experience spontaneity that goes beyond the harming of one’s self or any other living creature or part of nature. Letting go and letting life flow feels to me to be the closest way of being real/alive or as close to divine as possible.

            • … our mental mind doesn’t show us reality as it is, but as a set of concepts and objects, then plays scenarios. These scenarios are the should be-s.
              example: I’m in a traffic jam. It hasn’t moved at all for at least 5 minutes. I have no information. I have to be on time to ( … ). I feel I should have information / I should be in time for ( … )
              This creates a huge conflict. There is always something very important that cannot be changed in the schedule. Even if that schedule is adaptable. 🙂
              ‘Just being’ is not something that will come overnight.
              We are not programmed to accept the situation as it is and remove our expectations — that is the insanity of our lives.

            • But it essential to accept what is as being what it is. If you can change it then you are making what is into something different but it is still what is, whether you make your appt. on time or not.

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