long distance

Mental mind has a link to many senses of input. I have been calling one of those links the “long distance connector hereafter abreviated LDC.

Sometimes something tells me who is going to call, seconds before the phone rings. Now and then this something also tells me to wait a minute before leaving the office and then an unexpected but important personal phone call comes through.
Many of us have these experiences, often called telepathy.

Often it is unfiltered by the mental system; sometimes it is translated by mind into a thought.

A certain amount of the information coming from the LDC is not related to people, but contains insights into situations that mental mind never questioned. This is usually called intuition. In an unfinished conversation with Hariod Brawn she pointed my attention to another form of intuition with a wordless thought as a starter. I’m writing only about the case where a thought is not the originator of the intuition.

[The question can be asked further on, whether what i call ‘silence’ and some others ‘awareness’ is using the same channel. Unfortunately I have no answer to this question.]

About eight months ago, my friend Lena and I were brainstorming on the concept of a ‘soul’. It doesn’t have to be a theist soul, buddhism talks about a similar thing called ‘clear light‘.  The difficult subject lead to a preliminary outcome, where I posited that this soul/clear light concept could perhaps be our connection to the Universe. Shortly after our exchange, a meditation on the concept brought me a warm feeling on the upper heart region. I have had this before, I have no idea whether it is related.

Last Monday, Lena came to visit, and we continued the talk trying to go into deeper detail — what we tried:

Perhaps, the ‘long distance connector’ is related to the soul-clear-light-concept.

When we talk to each other, or use our mental facilities to think to ourselves, we communicate on a horizontal level, with fellow human beings. Those humans, are a holon: a body-mind-self unit.

The holon itself consists of many levels knitted together, where individual cells come together in tissues, tissues create organs and so on … : a vertical hierarchy. However, to create the holon body-mind-self unit, vertical communication between layers must also operate.

Perhaps the long-distance-connector is exactly this: the communication link to a higher level, a link to a greater holon, whatever this holon might be. [a liver also doesn’t ‘know’ that it is part of a human] Perhaps this is what some call the soul or clear light. Perhaps this is where telepathy and intuition both come from. Perhaps ‘silence’ also belongs here. Perhaps this is only the top of the iceberg …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) july 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1954


20 thoughts on “long distance

  1. Ah, the light or the soul or the dream state or other levels of consciousness, not this one. Where do go when we sleep? What about the astral body. I recently began reading book on the interpretation of dreams which went in a completely different direction then I expected. It spoke of many levels or planes we are able to visit. The one we are on when we are awake is one but it is not the only level or plane we are able to go. We have certain experiences here and on other planes we discover answers to questions we do not even realize we are being exposed to. With training in perceptions, we may someday learn how to understand. Many already do. They have reached a higher level of consciousness. We are all on different levels. Some more evolved than others. Psychic connections, I believe are definitely possible, It is a matter of sensitivity to our surroundings. The phone rings and I already know who is calling before the first ring comes true. Or visiting with the dead in a dream. I find that to be as real as the reality we live in every day while we are aware in this consciousness we exist in when we think we are awake. A discussion that can go on forever. No one is wrong. It is a matter of belief and receptiveness to the possible and the impossible being possible.

  2. Some may argue that perhaps the fallibility of such conceptions rests in their being always theoretical, which is not to say they should not be explored of course, but that the strongest verification they may ever achieve is at the level of inference. I like the beauty of your LDC conception Bert, although it perhaps for some may call to mind a spatially referenced phenomenon, rather in the way that even an immaterial soul does – if the soul transmigrates, then it moves from one location to another, albeit as an immaterial entity. [Personally, I find that an utterly fanciful notion, whether couched theistically or not.] Similarly, the LDC might suggest a spatially referenced conduit which taps into a CPU (a human brain) only at the brain’s particular location, and that each LDC is discrete and unique to the individual. Perhaps this is not at all what you mean, and that the brain merely acts as a node or receiver of LDC signals in the way that a radio receives airwaves broadcast more universally?

    If the latter is more akin to your conception, then the likeness of the LDC would not be to that of any cosmologically transmigrate-able soul-essence, which is localised by definition, but more akin to the Clear Light conception, which as I understand it, is referencing the Tabula Rasa of awareness, or in other words the perfectly pellucid and objectless mind. That is not consciousness itself, which subsists only in brain-created objects of knowledge; it is the ‘carrier’ of consciousness in a manner of speaking, and is non-localised. If we accept that, then we can move away from the purely theoretical and into the direct experiencing of your LDC; that is because the objectless mind is accessible to all. This takes preparation, and bringing the mind to a state of calm and one-pointedness. Interestingly, when we are engaged in this state, then intuitions and so-called ‘telepathic’ events occur far more readily and frequently. This is not to posit what you call “a connection to the universe” in the form of a discrete channel, but rather that awareness/silence may be a fundamental property of the universe, and so needs no metaphysical (vertical) connection other than the aforementioned receptivity – the information is already present, neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’, but universally present.

    I should give way to you here because I may be grasping the wrong end of the stick.

    • Thank you, Hariod, for your elaborate statement. I don’t know, Hariod ….
      We started from the point: ‘do I have a soul’, but never got an answer. Then we turned the question around “if another level exists, and people call this a soul, what would it truly be?” And my short piece is the simple answer I have today.
      I don’t know what the higher holon might be, and I will never be able to know that, just like a liver will never ‘feel’ or ‘know’ or have ‘hormonal information’ about the body it helps to function.
      I don’t even know whether there is a higher holon at all. (I don’t mean at the physical level, since there it is easier to see how we fit into the universe)
      I’m trying to be open to know what might be beyond knowledge.
      There is an end to knowledge. These days philosophy seems to have encountered the limits of reason and logic too.
      Kekulé did not discover the ring structure behind the benzene molecule by applying the knowledge of his days, but by going beyond it.

      • Yes, thinking our way to the unknown with our ape brains more than likely leads us astray, and perhaps it is arrogant to think otherwise. It may just be that what illuminates experience and phenomena, and which we all evidently participate in every day, is the be all and end all – we simply fail to recognise it as such in our determination to conceptualise it. There’s a paradox there, in that what we seek knowledge of is not susceptible to the intellect in any way; it simply is beyond the sphere of intellection, yet not beyond our life as we live it. It is known already just as what it is, and as it is, yet not as any object of knowledge. Still, the human mind wants to describe the territory with a map, unable to accept that it stands on the terrain itself. I’m sure that sounds familiar to you.

        “the eye sees not itself, but by reflection, by some other things.”

        – Brutus to Cassius in Julius Caesar.

    • I think synchronicities occur very often, as it is perhaps the only way to get through to most people who are unaware and unable to listen. I used to see many of them during a time when my spirituality awakened …

    • Bert, I, too, had about a year when I lived in constant synchronicity. It was just after a breakdown. I miss those days in a different dimension and thank you for reminding me of them and applying your interpretation of them as being a sort of wake- up call. Now I should think of them as a vision of Maya. Very, very interesting post, Bert, as I said before!!

      • thank you, Ellen. Although they occur less, they still occur in my life, as well as in yours. When we awaken, we are temporarily in discovery mode, and we see more things, until we close our mind again, and rationalize what happened. If we leave the mind in its right place, and remove the filter it applies to everything there is, we will see even a lot more synchronicities …

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have nothing helpful or analytical to contribute to the conversation, 😊 only a resounding confirmation that this aligns beautifully with my own objective experiences.

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