system rules

life seems based on a simple rule:

to help each other to your mutual benefit

but ‘each other‘ is always limited to a subset of the universe:
my family, my tribe,
those of my religion,
those belonging to my nation,
my species, …
earth life,

for more security
we organize ourselves,
but then, most often,
‘to your mutual benefit’
will be replaced by
‘to the system’s benefit
by that organization itself:

when the system becomes
powerful enough to do so,

like any organisation, a business, a nation.

So ‘system’ starts replacing
the only rule
by a narrowing subset,
of many rules,
even a labyrinth of them;
and sooner or later
it will become something
that will eat its members
and finally

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2015 – @Leuven (be) Botanical Gardens – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1697

26 thoughts on “system rules

    • And still ‘extentialist’ is still a label … seeing that there are all those systems is enough to have a wide angle view and to not always do what the system wants.

      • Yes, existentialist is a label. I only recently reclaimed that one. I see it more a word of description than a label. It is a way of telling someone outside of myself something about me. I am much more than that one word but it is one of the words that mean something to me. But I am much more, as we all are much more than the words that we use to describe ourselves or anything else. I use words to express myself, so words are important to me. Honing down the meanings are essential to create an understanding with others and with myself.

        • define meaning 🙂
          next analyse what you write
          is there a truth in meaning
          is it just an amplification of what you think you should be
          or does it go deeper …
          if it goes deeper, where is it, and do souls exist, and how do they infer meaning

          • Define meaning is a huge, long dissertation. Meaning is what we give anything or nothing. It doesn’t have to exist but it lends purpose to our existence. It is essential for some to keep them feeling like it matters that we are here, now. It carries an understanding of life and the rest of what we perceive. Without meaning, some would feel hopelessness. Without meaning, purpose would or might be lost. It is our creation to give meaning to the illusion we won’t accept as such. It gives comfort to believe there is meaning, without which what would we have.

            I believe there is a soul. It gives me meaning to believe whatever I have created in my mind. It gives me hope and takes away some of the dread of living with the thought that someday we all shall die. I want to believe death is not the end. Though it is difficult when we know if one thing exists, it is death. Even though if we believe this all is an illusion, then death by connection is part of the illusion, therefore, it does not exist either.

            I prefer meaning to no meaning, and illusion to nothingness. Soul and light to darkness and silence after death.

            One can always delve deeper but I will stop here and declare I want to believe in the soul and meaning. It feels so much better to have both in our existence. 🙂

            • Sounds good. Re-read what you wrote, let it rest and write it for yourself again, but this time in the first person singular. Let it rest again, and the next day compare your personal writing with the one above. There will be (subtle) differences.

            • I did write in the “I” as well as the “We” which is my way of connecting with the whole and with the singular. I do not need to write it again. I fully understand what I wrote and the way in which I meant it to sound and mean. Therefore, I meant to say it the way I did and not in another way.

  1. Bert,
    Another good one.
    I feel like the ‘military-industrial complex’ should also be considered here because it is the ultimate form of “organized security” that will ultimately end us all for the sake of some partially disclosed benefit that is definitely not for all

    • Probably … once you start helping, you have to select whom you want to help, … cannot help’em all. No system is ever going to be free of this, except mathematically, wne the system contains either all or nothing.

      • i take the garbage rule. i cannot walk past garbage without picking it up. on one of the walks, i got nowhere but one field. so, i decided, when walking, i only am obligated to pick it up if i have to walk over it to get where i’m going. everything else is for other’s to pick-up unless i’m going to be staying in the area for a while, then just get to working on what is around me while i’m there. =) there’s just so much to do.

        • mind changed your rule, mind always want to follow rules and when the rules do not work for me anymore, it invents another one 🙂 reminds me of drowning by numbers (Peter Greenaway)

    • Hi Harriod. Thx for your comment.
      I think that this also applies to communist systems of 100 years ago and to any organized religion … I think this is more mathematics than politics. I saw it happen a couple of times in schools too were a group of five enthusiast starters got buried under organizing it once 30 people were working there.
      I’m convinced it also rules a bee hive or an ants nest and a pack of wolves or dogs. Perhaps some single predators are spared from this. Once something gets organized, the system becomes more important than the individual.

  2. Succinct characterization of our megabank/megacorp controlled contemporary technopolis in which we live. Seems we are disenfranchised politically, economically and in our personal lives as well. Reminds of the visionary HIDDEN PERSUADERS by Vance Packard , 1954 as well as Orwellian milieu.

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