silent hearing

at first
i was told to listen
and i identified noise and distraction

much later the listening
yielded silence
fragmented silence

silence seemed to be
a graceful state,
perhaps the main point

but silence doesn’t teach you ‘what is’
one has to continue to listen to go deeper …


learning to recognise mind chatter
but also subtler forms of mind noise
learning to recognise the distractions
but also its subtler stealthy forms
learning to recognise the biases and filters
also the filters that filter awareness

listening is still listening
always better hearing …
hearing without filters,
without bias
without mind chatter
or without distraction …

regardless of the noise or the silence around us …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2015 – @Leuven botanical gardens – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1553

16 thoughts on “silent hearing

      • I have to make room for it or it would not be good for my psyche. It is a necessity for me. Otherwise it would push me close to an edge I don’t want to get near. Noise, to me can become painful. So silence may be a luxury at times but it must exist.

        • I find it in the subway, when going to work. The anonymity implied by public transport and the background noise, makes it easier for my mind to just watch things without tagging … but this is near impossible in a car during rush hour.

            • I remember the days when I got mad at someone mowing the lawn when I had an exam the next day. I was not mad a the man on the machine, but more mad at the test. These days I barely hear that sound when I concentrate. However, there is the chainsaw, and the crying kid that cannot be disregarded. There is no solution for the chainsaw, or sounds alike (construction nearby), while the kid needs attention, after which it will shut up.
              Next there are the continuous sounds of living ground floor on a busy street that makes us tired and prickled and those alike — I moved out of the city, although I could also have opened my wallet to live several floors higher.
              There was a time that traffic mad me crazy. But more than a decade ago, I realized that it was time for me ‘alone’, something I started to appreciate. I could listen to music, something I had never found time for.
              On the other hand, while in the car with my family, any traffic problem still is as overpowering as it was 15 years ago — one cannot escape the often useless suggestions of “can’t we take that road ..”, and their impatience unfortunately is contagious.

            • I am sensitive to sound. To most, sound may not have the same effect/affect. To me, sound can reach a level of too much faster the a light can reach the other side of the room, once turned on. It is not a matter life’s noises, it’s a matter of needing silence more than sound.

  1. silence is the starting point to close your eyes to hear and feel what is reflecting
    beyond reality’s 5 senses,
    I like your thoughts Bert .. always a whisper to remind me to be still and listen …
    Thank you
    Take Care … You Matter …

    • thank you, Ellen … read your comment, but was too busy in June to reply … work is calming down now, and children on holidays are keeping themselves busy … there is some freedom after 50 days of disquietude

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