Losing the grand view
it’s like a jig-saw

three groups
same course
different perspectives
different timing
all at the same time

Feeling like I’m struck by ADHD
Don’t know where to start
>> Made a mind map

A mind map
brilliant to attach
separate divisions
but now
i’m overwhelmed

there is never enough time
always adding
single threads
than here
than there

time cut up
slices too small
no flow, no silence, useless
help … sigh
not melting

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2015 – @botanical gardens Leuven – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1633

25 thoughts on “multitasking

  1. Beautiful photograph. Love flowers. In complete understanding of too much to do and balancing what exactly do you do to keep up with it all. Never enough time. Always running out and sometimes running on empty but still I push forward. What a huge mistake, the last one. But it’s life and just a ride. I want to incorporate all I can. It seems you feel the same. Now on to your other photographs and writings. Going to try to make it through today on all your wonderful creations. jk 😎

    • Thank you … yes … I did cope back in June, now 2 months ago. During week 25 I had to teach 48 hours. It is impossible to prepare, although all transferable knowledge had been pre-chewed, but even routine cannot cope with too much hay on the fork. Lucky enough for me and them, those courses converged more or less — but still no group ever gets the same information transferred the same way.
      And there’s more than only work. My children also need me.
      How did I cope? Made a coloured overview of the month to at least see what had to be done and where, and “a” mind-map to see what to teach. The rest is simple. You just do one thing before another, and then another thing, like plowing a plot of land. Until there is no more weed and you can start the next plot.
      And I felt very tired after the work, took me a fortnight of ‘nothing’ to rest. I’m lucky that since week 28 till now I didn’t have a schedule. Tomorrow work will start again, … yet slowly.
      Yes it is a bumpy ride, but relationships are even more bumpy … and that never stops.

      • So very true. Start something and follow it to the end and then begin the next in the list. I tend to make lists of things I will try to expect myself to achieve within a day. More often I put more than is possible to achieve in one day, so I accept it will have to wait until tomorrow and sometimes not until the next tomorrow. Fortunately, certain things can wait but then there are those things that have a deadline. And family is very important. My partner and I have a specific time in the evening devoted strictly to spend time together. Dinner, movie, conversation, and just spending time together. Work is important but so are relationships. All need special attention to make them work. And you are right…It never stops.

        • just don’t be to strict on your schedules;
          in winnie the pooh there is a character called Rabbit, who isn’t always pleasant. In fact, all characters in that book, except Winnie and the boy, are all happily neurotic 🙂

          • Schedules keep me focused. A good thing. Relaxing is important but maintaining balance is essential to keep my life from going sideways. I need to know what will come up next or chaos might just set its way in my path. And unlike Alice, chaos is not my friend. Not sure it was hers either. 🙂

            • I’m not talking about relaxing, but about the ability to keep the schedule fluid and adaptable to reality, as it comes. A to do list is a very good thing. A deadline can be useful to get started only a little too late, but still get the work done in time. But reality will interfere with one or the other, and it is important to listen to that reality too, while still looking after the to do list 🙂
              Life is complicated.

            • No kidding. A to do list are suggestions to help keep track of what I want to do. Deadlines to me are usually allowances of days earlier to finish a task so I don’t forget about it. Not b/c it needs immediate doing. Reality always interferes with life as much as it can find distractions to throw into one’s path. Relaxing is the one thing I need to program b/c I don’t follow the rules and forget all about it unless constantly reminded.

  2. Bert, is writing poetry somewhat new to you? I like that you are doing this, especially in tandem with your images. It’s how I, myself have expressed myself since I was a child. Cheers!

    • My life seems to be very fragmented, these past 2 or 3 weeks, and also even months before … although May brought a lot of silence and beauty with it. All my June posts have been photographed in May. And I have passed the beautiful field tracks, just one week ago, in a hurry, but I was not able to go back there and capture that very short silence.

    • Overworked is only 90% correct. The morsels of time left to prepare this or the other are too fragmented to do creative work, hence I turn to the old course preps (which contain old knowledge and structure), and try to be creative in the classroom — flow is missing / silence is scarce … next week I have to teach 5 days and do exams on saturday — after that the usual freedom will return. It is always like this in June.

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