strange … if there was no symmetry,
everything in the universe would be ‘goo’
… and we are part of that symmetry,
aren’t we ..?
… certainly not part of the goo,
are we ..?

beauty is about harmony and symmetry

hence we look for both
to make our world
and to keep ourselves
sedated …

… but it doesn’t work …
the world is also very ugly,
hurtful, painful, horrid,
fulf of fear …
… we often wake up from our sedated lives
in angst, to the ‘nightmare’ of reality …


God is in everything,
in beauty and harmony,
but also in the painful, hurting,
disgusting and lethal parts
of the Universe

But in stead of waking up to this lesser convenient truth,
we bifurcate and create a duality of God against herself.
Good and Evil …

this bifurcated Reality,
harmony versus goo,
this duality in our minds,
is the origin of any conflict in our heads
and of all the wars on earth

mind only wants to see what is convenient and pleasurable.
like symmetry and harmony in beauty …
but that desire, unfortunately,
is very limiting and
hence, our reality,
is extremely deformed,
compared to WHAT really IS


…. on the other hand:
the startling beauty
that is also everywhere around us,
if we are open to seeing it,
in symmetry, harmony and colour,
is exactly what we need
to silence these,
our crazy,
minds, ..

be it just for a few seconds …

seconds that could initiate the end of conflict:
.. the beginning of an ever lasting Peace ..

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2015 – @Leuven (be) Botanical Gardens – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1597 (I think I will put these thoughts on my blog. And wonder whether less people will click “like”) ..


9 thoughts on “goo

  1. Deep, Bert…too deep for this morning’s brain, unfortunately. What I will say is that I agree with most of it and don’t mind the rest.
    Good and Evil – I don’t believe in evil – we just don’t understand.
    God created it all, that means, by my definition of God – no evil – nothing against God.
    People who don’t believe in God? Up to them. God still loves them and they play their part just as do I.
    Enough for this morning.

  2. It is always rewarding to read these extended thoughts of yours Bert. Does the pattern-seeking mind create the apparent symmetry or is it there in any case? [Trees falling in deserted forests?] And do we need also to create in mind the goo so as to be able to apprehend both harmony and symmetry? Maybe these constructs of goo and symmetry hold at the level of Classical Physics – i.e. what our ape brain’s think – yet not fundamentally?

  3. THANK YOU, yes. God is omnipresent, thus in everything. Yes. So it’s all perfect, even though our desire for symmetry and our narrow definitions of perfection may differ. It’s all god.

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