macro share 84

I went to Leuven’s botanical gardens, yesterday,
and I was surprised by this Centaurea Montana.
It looks quite ordinary from a normal distance,
but reviewing my pics at home
revealed an alien world
full of colour and unexpected details

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2015 – @botanical gardens Leuven(B) – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1675/1564

13 thoughts on “macro share 84

      • Thank you, Bert! Not quite back but trying. The Mooji retreat was great but exhausting due to time difference. Been up every AM at 3 or 4AM. 7-8 hours of Satsang a day. Worth it! Sure appreciated your note to me which I never answered because it was a silent retreat. Hope you are well!! Namaste, Ellen

        • All is well here … a bit tired — health nearly normal (what is normal);
          hesitatingly looking at 5 weeks of full time teaching ahead …
          I see that things are better with you, and I hope it will ‘normalize’ soon (yes, what is normal, LoL).

          • Take care, Bert and hope you can rest before and after your 5 weeks of full time teaching. Glad your health is back– would be good to be back to total normalcy. Normalization is very hard. Thanks for the good wishes. Namaste, Ellen

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