a subject

there is a thin line
between silent awareness
and the experiencing mind,
the recorder, the observer, the experiencer
always separate from the experienced …


now, …
… is there a line?
or am i only fooling myself,
replacing ego with awareness,
still being a subject
which is awareing 🙂 a self … ?

some older ‘answers’ in this blog:
-> Scott Kilobi on the mind and awareness
-> awareness or meta-cognition

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) May 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1450


26 thoughts on “a subject

    • Dank je, Nancy. Tja, de eglantier moet nog bloeien, en dan is het ongeveer gedaan met de houtige gewassen. … maar er zijn dan zoveel zomerbloemen … en als ze willen stilzitten de beestjes …

  1. your image is your words I think,
    the petals is the silent awareness
    while the stamens reach to touch the experience

    wonderful thoughts you have shared…Thank you 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Thank You, MaryRose. In most cases it is the picture that leads (or not) to inspiration by some strange porcess I do not understand. But it makes a lot of sense, what you wrote. Have a wonderful week!

  2. There is no line, Bert. When we become aware, we FEEL the connection to ALL That Is. No illusion. It is this world that is the illusion, as we experience that which we know conceptually. BEAUTIFUL shot, captured with Love. Wow!!! Love, Amy ❤

      • (smile) Another awesome conversation … AGREED!! Effort leads to effortlessness, and it is in the effort that sometimes I don’t think I can make it to effortless. Then when I do arrive at effortless, I look back and “see” the connection. 🙂

        • effort is a reaction — climbing a stage, and getting down again. effortless is a state — it is always there, mostly when mind is silent by itself: early in the morning when waking up before the alarm clock, not yet thinking about a schedule -> that moment is effortless.
          but if we understand this state without mind effort, it comes within reach, we notice it is there all the time, we cannot NOT be there. We just don’t see it: too much effort to see: if you concentrate on the sun to see an eclipse, you will only go blind, but if you watch the shadows around you, you will notice it without any effort …

  3. Awareness playing at being stupid? It’s not quite a category shift, but rather subject playing as object, and object playing as subject, both fooling each other, yet both still only awareness which itself is fundamentally neither subject nor object. We just have to see your ‘silence’ to know that awareness is neither in essence. 🙂

      • When I write about this stuff, I make a distinction between consciousness and awareness. The word ‘consciousness’ means ‘with knowledge’, and yet as we know, we can have a perfectly lucid awareness which contains no knowledge whatsoever. So, for me, awareness is like the Tabula Rasa of consciousness – not a category shift, but the fundamental essence, the Blank Slate of it. Still, this is all just trying to clarify the use of symbols, and I completely take your point Bert. 🙂

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