spring share 81

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) april 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_1225


6 thoughts on “spring share 81

  1. I love the Springtime !! Visiting you here today is my little birthday gift to you. I wish I could get here more often but I do get email notifications for your blog every time you publish one.

    I feel a definite fondness for the friendship we have known over the years. I do hope to stay in contact with you even after LM is finally closed this July 2015.

    I wish you a day full of delights and that your birthday proves to be all that you could wish for. Many happy returns of the sun to this date celebrating your existence !!

    • Great to see You, and thanks for the wonderful wishes. Turning half a century today. Early morning, so many years ago, by 6.30, my mother did a final push, and moments later I cried for air to fill my lungs for the first time …
      Got unexpected wishes today, like this one 🙂 Celebrating friendship!!!

  2. Bèire, Ik ben al slepend, van boven naar onder, door al uw kleurrijke bloempjes gelopen. Een echt fris lenteboeket: PRACHTIG ! PROFICIAT ! Ik stel dus vast dat, onder dat meestal ietwat ruw, ongeschoren, zeer intelect, voorkomen, een iemand schuilt met gevoel voor pure schoonheid. — Pièrke.

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