not the paper

the pictures might attract, but it is the message in the posts
a message of silence, that is important

the picture is not important,
the awe it might induce for a split second is;
for awe yields silence in the mind

it is not this writing that is important
not the words, not the posts in this blog,
on screen or on paper,
not even what is read
is important

Not even the thoughts you get while reading
and not a resulting imagination

to arouse
whatever you are beyond thought,

is important

only to
make you aware
your canvas
beyond thought and mind

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) april 2015 – @home – NIKON D3300 – X_DSC_0973


10 thoughts on “not the paper

  1. “Not in the paper”

    I remember the Miami Herald and other papers published the death casualty list everyday from Vietnam. Today’s battles – should be in the paper.

    That ruptured nuke plant at Fukushima, Japan continues to spew frightening amounts of radiation into the water-the Pacific is poisoned. The single most planet threatening matter facing us. Should be top headline every day. Not in the paper.

  2. Your diving just keeps deepening, and one day I fear these posts will cease to surface. Before then, looking forward to their appearance in my notices. After then, “see you” without form. — Elizabeth

    • now this is a deep comment 🙂 perhaps close to the truth. it’s getting more difficult to translate, moving from essays to poetry … a dance of words for which silence is the key …
      but still so many questions in my head, and never a breakthrough, just a simply complicated guy with a camera.

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