magic wand

many many years ago,
she lost that magic wand,
looking for my granddad

he listened to all the trees
and knew all fairies and pixies
and all the deer in the water forest

but one day in september 1974 he didn’t visit
and she waited and waited
eager to tell about the magic of the night

she looked for him all around the water forest
and more than one thousand nights she waited
but he never came back

i found her magic wand today
how to bring it back …
first listen to all the trees and flowers
and mushrooms, squirrels and deer
in the waterforest …
and perhaps I win her confidence

then the magic
can start
all over

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2015 – @water forest – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0837

5 thoughts on “magic wand

  1. I think you will…. there is nothing in this world like a Faery friend Faery Magick 🙂
    I like your thoughts, Thank you for sharing
    take Care…YOu Matter…

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